General Information


Release Date:

  • 25th of October 2019 (PC / Mac)

  • 13th of December 2019 (VR)

The Game

Death Gasp is a horror survival game in which you will have to solve a series of riddles while escaping the creatures that are lurking in the darkness. Reaction and good decision-making is almost as important as not freaking out. Will you be able to make it to the end of this fear-infusing dungeon?

Get to know your deepest fear!

The mission to recover an ancient relict goes terribly wrong. 
No one could have imagined what horror lies hidden deep inside the forgotten ruins. 
No one was prepared for what was about to happen. 


Dive into a dungeon full of horrifying creatures, deathly traps and exciting environmental riddles. 

Only the fittest will survive!

So what can you expect?

- Seven fear infusing levels - A core mechanic and general style that differs slightly from level to level
- Many deaths 
- An intriguing story that evolves the further you get 
- A lot of horrible creatures are waiting for you 
- Get scared a lot
- Super difficult end game


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