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Bumblebee - Little Bee Adventure





The Gam

You start in a school building where seemingly someone had a birthday recently. You don’t remember what you are doing there but the environment is bright and rather unfriendly.

You are a tiny bee in a giant environment and move continuously forward. You are free to fly wherever you want and explore the level
to your heart’s desires.
After you have played around a little and enjoyed the sensation of flying you start to discover the nearby areas and hidden secrets and find a couple of different items.

For once there are energy potions that fill your energy meter to continuously fly faster until you run out of energy.
Secondly, there are golden flowers hidden everywhere in the levels that you can collect as a reward for exploring even the more hidden parts of the levels – collecting all of them unlocks an extra achievement in each level.

Last but not least there are the bright shining knowledge shards that show you the way to the next area. Whenever you collect one the next one will spawn ahead of you and show you the right way.

Once you have found a certain amount of knowledge shards you will be able to enter the next area and the story continues. Each area is another part of a world that a bee could experience and a little step further to find a new home. Therefore, each level has a different color theme, general setting, mood, and story.

At the beginning of each area is a short break in which a part of the poem is read to you. The poem talks about the bee and its journey to find a new home and explains a little bit about the level that lies ahead.

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