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Techno Tanks

Start: Tanky Tanks

The Game

Techno Tanks is an intense, fast-paced arcade-inspired tanks game.

It’s a lot of fast fun and a must-have if you enjoy arcade games.

Be ready for the Techno Tank experience!

Defeat the enemy tanks while dodging their deadly bullets. Improve your aim and maneuver skills while surviving a crazy retro bullet hell.


Level by level the enemy's tanks get faster, smarter, and deadlier.
Can you defeat them all?

Play alone, together with friends, or against your friends as the game features the following game modes:

  • Singleplayer Stage Mode - Singleplayer and Co-op Retro Mode with more than 50 levels- S

  • VS Mode for FFA Battles for up to 4 players

Start: Projekte
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