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One Last Memory

Start: Tanky Tanks


General Information

One Last Memory is an emotional story-driven exploration game about an old man who re-discovers his own past and lost memories on his journey through the beauty of nature. It is an adventure filled with joy, sadness, and breathtaking locations and environments that are waiting to be discovered.

What should expect to find in the game?

A heartbreaking story

A Journey through all 4 seasons

A ton of secret locations that only a careful explorer will discover

An exciting boat ride

A maze built out of elevators

Giant toys and other surreal references to the story show the way

Watch towers that help with the orientation

A wonderful underground cave system full of surprises and little environmental riddles

A couple of small key challenges that need to be completed in order to progress

A hidden pirate bay

A story filled with twists and emotions

Many more…

Start: Projekte
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